WTS Caldari Prisoners of War 5m per unit

QTY / Price per unit
1-10 = 8m each
11-100 = 6.5m
101-500 = 6m
500+ = 5m

Have thousands. These sell on contract for about 9-12m, so can be some easy profit if broken down after buying bulk. These are used to blitz a mission in one of the epic arcs.

i’m interested. how many do you typically sell a day and how many you produce?

Really depends on the day. No longer gaining any of these a day, once the stock is gone it’s gone.

Bump to the top

Still for sale!

Bump, still selling. Have a little less quantity as some were sold on contract.
Can also move these to the mission hubs to make it easier to sell to others.

Still for sale. Currently selling a couple at a time in the mission hubs to make extra cash while waiting for a bulk buyer.

Still for sale, a handful of these sell daily.

Still for sale. Have thousands to sell in bulk. Dropping price to 5m per unit, less than half what they go for at mission hubs.

Bump, still for sale

Still open for sale

Still open for sale.
I sell on average 5-10 of these a day at 7-8m a pop.
Easy long term profit for bulk buyers.

Still open for sale! Got plenty in stock.

Still open.

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