WTS - Capital Hull BPOS

|Thanatos Blueprint|9|16|
|Thanatos Blueprint|9|16|
|Thanatos Blueprint 9 16
|Thanatos Blueprint|9|16|
Obelisk Blueprint 9 16
Moros Blueprint 9 16
Nidhoggur Blueprint 9 16
Orca Blueprint 9 16
Chimera Blueprint 9 16
|Apostle Blueprint|9|16|
|Archon Blueprint|9|16|
|Archon Blueprint|9|16|
Archon Blueprint 10 12

For sale in 3 days. Looking for good offers.

where do you have them? where were they researched? HS or null?
if they were researched in nullsec i offer 2,4b for nid and 2,4 for thanny, delivery in Amarr or Jita

Too low


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