WTS Capital Part and Ship BPOS

All Components 10/20

Capital Armor plates x9 2.25b
Capital Capacitor Battery x4 2.1b
Capital Clone Vat Bay x2 2.5b
Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount x5 3.65b
Capital drone Bay x2 1.85b
Capital Jump Bridge x4 4.7b
Capital Launcher Hardpoint x4 2.1b
Capital Power Generator x5 2.2b
Capital Shield Emitter x3 2.8b
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay x2 2.3b
Capital Siege Array x12 2.55b
Capital Turret Hardpoint x1 2.6b

Nidhoggur 9/12 x3 2.2b
Moros 9/12 x3 3.6b
Naglfar 9/12 x5 3.8b
Apostle 9/10 x5 2.5b
Apostle 9/12 x1 2.6b
Minokawa 9/12 x7 2.5b
Minokawa 9/10 x1 2.45b

Send me a mail with what you require and ill contract asap.

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