WTS Capital Parts in various LS systems

Hi there,

I have a bunch of capital parts in various systems that I would like to sell off. I would like to sell them off as batches, but if you need a specific part(s) we can talk about it. Please make a reasonable offer. This is not a fire sale so please don’t low ball me.

In Hakonen… (https://evepraisal.com/a/mwwux)

23x Capital Drone Bay
9x Capital Construction Parts
8x Capital Computer System
5x Capital Corporate Hangar Bay
9x Capital Armor Plates
7x Capital Power Generator
4x Capital Cargo Bay
4x Capital Shield Emitter
3x Capital Sensor Cluster
3x Capital Capacitor Battery
3x Capital Propulsion Engine

In Daras… (https://evepraisal.com/a/mwwuu)

15x Capital Ship Maintenance Bay
30x Capital Drone Bay
12x Capital Sensor Cluster
5x Capital Jump Drive
10x Capital Armor Plates
5x Capital Corporate Hangar Bay
5x Capital Construction Parts
7x Capital Propulsion Engine
4x Capital Shield Emitter

In Anin… (https://evepraisal.com/a/mwwuj)

100x Capital Construction Parts
95x Capital Cargo Bay
61x Capital Sensor Cluster
74x Capital Propulsion Engine
50x Capital Drone Bay

You can mail me in-game or put your offer here.

Thank you!



Still taking offers!


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