[WTS] Capital, T2 Equipment and Station BPC

Welcome, Freshly stocked with new BPC after the last hangar clearance.

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Ships: 10/14 or better


Rorqual, Bowhead, Orca


Charon, Fenrir, Obelisk, Providence


Archon, Chimera, Nidhogger, Thanatos


Moros, Naglfar Phoenix, Revelation

Force Auxiliary

Apostle, Lif, Minokawa, Ninazu

Supers: 9/14

Aeon, Hel, Nyx, Wyvern

Titans: 9/10

Avatar, Erebus, Leviathan, Ragnarok

(Standup) Fighters: 10/20 - 50 runs

Normal and Standup for all types

Various: 10/20 Max Runs

Prototype Cloaking Device I
Bastion Module
Capital Industrial Core
Siege Module
Triage Module
Clone Vat Bay
Industrial Cynosural Field Generator
Small Mobile Warp Disruptor
Medium Mobile Warp Disruptor
Large Mobile Warp Disruptor
Large Mobile Warp Disruptor II (5/10)

Capital ship components: 10/20 - 40 Runs

Ladar FTL
Gravimetric FTL
Magnometric FTL
Radar FTL
Neurolink Protection Cell (20 Run)
Capital Core Temperature Regulator
Core Temperature Regulator (200 Run)
Genetic Lock Preserver
Genetic mutation Inhibitor
Genetic Safeguard Filter (10 Runs)
Genetic structure Repairer
Programmable Purification Membrane
Enhanced Neurolink Protection Cell (1 Run)
Capital Armor Plates
Capital Capacitator Battery
Capital Cargo Bay
Capital Clone Vat Bay
Capital Computer System
Capital Constuction Parts
Capital Corporate Hanger Bay
Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount
Capital Drone Bay
Capital Jump Bridge Array
Capital Jump Drive
Capital Launcher Hardpoint
Capital Power Generator
Capital Propulsion Engine
Capital Sensor Cluster
Capital Shield Emitter
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay
Capital Siege Array
Capital Turret Hardpoint

T2 Capital ship Equipment: 5/10 - 5 Runs

25000mm Plate II
Capital Armor Repair II
Capital Capacitor Booster II
Capital Capacitor Battery II
Capital Energy Neutralizer II
10000mn Afterburner II
Capital Remote Shield Booster II
Capital Remote Capacitor Transmitter II
Capital Shield Booster II
Ion Siege Blaster II
XL Torpedo Launcher II
Hexa 2500mm Repeating cannon II

Structure Components 10/18 - 7 Runs

Structure Acceleration Coils
Structure Advertisement Nexus
Structure Construction Parts
Structure Docking Bay
Structure Electromagnetic Sensor
Structure Factory
Structure Hangar Array
Structure Laboratory
Structure Marketing Network
Structure Medical Center
Structure Mission Network
Structure Office Center
Structure Repair Facility
Structure Storage Bay
Structure Reprocessing

Structures - (1)0/14 1 Run

Fortizar (Soon™)
Tatara (Soon™)

Structures Rigs - 10/20 1 Run

Equipment and Consumable Manufacturing Efficiency
EW and Emissions Co-ordinator
Extinction level Weapons Suite
Laboratory Optimization
Missile Fire Control Computer
Reprocessing Monitor
Ship Manufacturing Efficiency
Structure and Component Manufacturing Efficiency

L-Set (soon™)
M-Set (soon™)

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CCP announcement that there will be changes. These changes will result in more capital on the field.

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