[WTS] Bulk Sale BPC - Capital Ships


1x Vendetta BPC - 9b
1x Vehement BPC - 2b
3x Aeon BPC 10/xx - 495m/p
5x Nyx BPC 9/14 - 90m/p
5x Hel BPC 9/14 - 90m/p
70x Orca BPC 10/14 - 12,5m/p
35x Bowhead BPC 10/18 - 17,5m/p

150x Large Bubble 10/20-40 R - 1,3b
20x Large Bubble II 5/10-10 R - 30m/p

Open to decent offers on everything in one go!

Send offers here or via Eve-Mail.
Eve mail works best now my notifications are back!


I will take:

21x Capital Propulsion Engine
26x Capital Armor Plates
32x Capital Construction Parts
32x Capital Jump Drive
5x Capital Capacitator Battery
5x Capital Sensor Cluster
5x Capital Power Generator
5x Capital Shield Emitter
5x Capital Computer Systems
5x Capital Ship Maintance Bay
5x Capital Corporate Hanger Bay
10x Capital Drone Bay

10x Naglfar ME 9
1x Hel ME 9

All fighter BPCs.

Back online in about 22 hours from now to accept the contract.

I have set seperate contracts with the Fighters, Ships and Components.
Got you some extra discount for the Components as well.

Put them to some good use, and thanks for buying!

More cheap BPC for sale

Cheaper than current contracts!

Open to offers, You can also Eve-mail me!

Good Quality BPC’s

Build a Naglfar fleet for your disposal

FW update incoming, more activity in low?
Have your Naglfars ready!

Some packs placed on public contracts (including discounts)

Supers BPC package sold!


Send me over 20x ME9 Naglfars

Contract up!
Included a small discount for bulk buy!

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Still bulk of Nag-prints for sale, let me know what you need!

More capital components available, will update the OP soon, when all is sorted

Fully updated!

Fighters are back on the menu

T2 Fighters BPC on sale!