WTS - Capital Ship and Component BPCs with prices

(Dirty Bint) #1

All Component Bpcs 40 Runs - ME10 - TE Varies (I’m not going to filter out all TE20 for you)
Located Jita 4-4

Stock below. All prints are 40 runs - amount of blueprints available (not runs) below.
Prices on contracts do vary a lot and I will look at market prices before setting up a contract.
My prices are aimed to be 60-75% of current prices. No discounts, if something you see is over market price send me an offer.

Capital Armor Plates Blueprint x0 3m
Capital Capacitor Battery Blueprint x0 3m
Capital Cargo Bay Blueprint x88 3.5m
Capital Clone Vat Bay Blueprint x261 7m
Capital Computer System Blueprint x6 4m
Capital Construction Parts Blueprint x0 4m
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay Blueprint x0 6m
Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount Blueprint x148 8m
Capital Drone Bay Blueprint x509 4m
Capital Jump Bridge Array Blueprint x137 7m
Capital Jump Drive Blueprint x442 6m
Capital Launcher Hardpoint Blueprint x168 7m
Capital Power Generator Blueprint x36 6m
Capital Propulsion Engine Blueprint x0 3m
Capital Sensor Cluster Blueprint x39 4m
Capital Shield Emitter Blueprint x23 4m
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay Blueprint x86 8m
Capital Siege Array Blueprint x598 3.5m
Capital Turret Hardpoint Blueprint x418 6m


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Also have some carrier/freighter/dread bpcs ME10

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Added stock list and prices on ship bpcs

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Some sold!

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The ship prints are selling quickly so may not have any instock for a week or 2

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