[WTS] Capital, T2 Equipment and Station BPC

New addition XL-Structure Rig BPC 10/20 - 1 run

New addition also available on public contracts

I can honestly say, I will be watching this thread and your posts.

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Prolonging the above achievement for your convenience

Please remember I’m also available on discord to discuss any tailored orders

Almost 2 years in on this thread and here for your BPC needs.

Currently low(er) on stock as someone bought a very big amount of capital components BPC :two_hearts:

But new batches are coming in soon and ready for your requests

Still available

Available to process your orders

Lots available, send me a message with your need and I can help out

Still around got some good regular customers by now, still lots available

New patch prints are already being researched and refined to your needs until they are perfect.

Feel free to send me a message on what will be available soon™

Some prints at ME0 are just perfect. Like your Skyhook and Metenox BPC. Don’t let them trick you into a ME 1 or higher at top tier prices.

Same goes for you Athanor, Azbel, Raitaru BPC.