[WTS] Carrier/Super/Covops/Recon Pilot 73M SP


All CCP Rules Apply

:biohazard: Fighter Hangar Management V
:biohazard: Fighters V
:biohazard: Jump Drive Calibration V
:biohazard: Jump Fuel Conservation V
:biohazard: Amarr Battleship V
:biohazard: Amarr Cruiser V
:biohazard: Amarr Destroyer V
:biohazard: Amarr Frigate V
:biohazard: Amarr Tactical Destroyer V
:biohazard: Covert Ops V
:biohazard: Gallente Battleship V
:biohazard: Gallente Cruiser V
:biohazard: Gallente Destroyer V
:biohazard: Gallente Frigate V
:biohazard: Gallente Industrial V
:biohazard: Interceptors V
:biohazard: Recon Ships V
:biohazard: Minmatar Carrier V
:biohazard: Cybernetics V
:biohazard: Cynosural Field Theory V
:biohazard: Controlled Bursts V
:biohazard: Rapid Firing V
:biohazard: Surgical Strike V
:biohazard: Trajectory Analysis V
:biohazard: Leadership V
And many more level V skills!

Also full HG ascendancy set included
1.6mil Concord LP
5.0 Secstatus
No big losses
1 Revamp

All Clones in Higsec
Current location in Higsec
no Killrights

B/0: 63 b

Runs 7 days or B/O

If I remember correctly CCP removed the option to transfer with plex I would double check that :].

ok, will pay the fee

60 bil

thank you for this bid! if you can do 3 more bils its yours!

I accept this bit as a B/o if you still want it waiting for account info and isk.

Cool, sending ISK and acc info.

Im at work now, will transfer as soon as possible

Isk and account name recieved
Char is Send.
Auction and thread closed, thank you very much

You have chosen to transfer the character Rhashton De’Astra to the account named XXXXXXX
We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

Thank you! o7

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