WTS 36M Gallente Carrier (5) Pilot

Solid carrier alt for sale. Will be sold in high sec with no kill rights, positive sec status. No inventory is included as part of the sale. Wallet will be zeroed.


Offers welcome. B/O 25b.

You take 12b?

No, thank you.

Cassia Maricadie 19 B

19b not high enough, but thank you for the interest.

how about 20b?

How about 25b?

Are you fixed at 25? I think I hit my limit at 22. If not then enjoy the bump :slight_smile:

How about 23.5? I could live with that.

Sorry, I think 22 is it for me. Let me know if you change your mind, it’s a nice toon

Thanks man, no worries. If I get overly impatient I’ll give you a shout!

23.5 bil offer, isk ready

Alright, sold for 23.5b, pending isk transfer. Thanks!

new to this, who should I send the isk to? and how do I tell you which account to transfer it to etc

No problem - send the ISK to me (the character being sold) and evemail the account name (double check spelling etc!) to transfer to. I’ll confirm here when each is received.

FYI, CCP enforce the basics on this kind of thing, they’ll reverse ISK transfers if the sale doesn’t happen for whatever reason.

isk sent and the eve mail regarding account information also sent

Fab, both received. Will initiate the transfer shortly.

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Transfer initiated. Enjoy!

Cheers, it will be used in good hands :slight_smile:

Instant regret :slight_smile: