WTS carrier/ super / fax focused pilot

This char was a project to make an old cyno toon into a fax / super / carrier.

18b or b/o


I can offer 9B.

i offer u 16

you are close to a deal. make a little effort and this char is yours!



that 16 bil was a troll offer. This char is appraised at much much much less. do the math your self if you do not believe me.

I’ll offer 7Bil BO right now.

is it a troll can Projexx1112 AKAXXX confirm or deny his post? ty

im sorry i went of ur titel when seeng the toon i saw a toon with carrier 5 that canot use the carrier till long time i bid 6,5 cuz no drone/fighter skills no armor whatsoever on an amarr carrier toon

Well, since it requires some additional time to learn:

  • Fighters (and drones in general)
  • Support skills
  • JDC not 5

I can offer 10b

I am ready to offer 11 b

I can offer 16b

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