WTS CCP Bee corpse ( Jita Hub )

Hello fellow traders, been a while since my last post here eh.

Here another CCP Bee corpse for your collection guys

Price it’s 2.5b, as usual

Only direct trade will be accept, with a contract the name will be changed into “male corpse”

hmm @Iceacid_Frostpacker Do you want this

Overpriced, also not even the finest quality of fresh frozen corpse in which I seek!

That’s the price i sold his body last time.

so it’s either that or items that are close to 2.5b

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Perhaps though I have zero back story or interaction to begin with that Capsuleer.

Last time?? Lol are you like a CCP Bee serial killer?

I mean, he explode often but no, i am not it’s serial killer

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To celebrate the opening of the jovian gate there will be a reduction price from 2.5b to 2.0b

After next DT it will return to it’s intented price

p.s Bumping