WTS CCP corpses / GM corpse (SOLD)

sold out

I’ll take Bee

Alright, contact me ingame for meet up, or tell me if you are fine with a contract.

Trade complete, thanks!

Two more available. Make your offers.

GM week is back, get your GM corpse today!


Still too tasty corpses left for sale.

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hi will you do 1.5bill for both?

Expected a bit more …

how does 1.75 sound to you?

I sent you a convo invite.

not in game right now i should be free in about 3.5 hours though

OK, that’s too late for me. If you trust me I can contract the corpse, else let’s arrange something for tomorrow. I’m EU timezone.

im fine with contracts if you want to do that.

Ok, contract is set.

Thanks, I will accept it in a few hours when I get the chance.

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Contract accepted thanks.

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