WTS - Chameleon, Titan & Supers

Hi all,

Looking to sell:

Chameleon - 290B NPC High Sec that is not a kick out. Still available.

Erebus - NPC near Tash-Murkon/Domain - Sold
Hel - NPC near Tash-Murkon/Domain - Sold
Wyvern - NPC Devoid Sold
Aeon - NPC Domain Sold

Make your offers, and I’ll let you know if you are close.

Couple offers. Will update the post feel free to mail or post here with offers.

Erebus 144 bil
Aeon 52 bil
wyvern 50 bil

Updated with current offers/statuses thanks!

Updated w/ current info. Also bump :slight_smile:

offer 150b for Erebus

Update all supers/titans sold. Chameleon left :slight_smile:

i need a avatar/rag near domain if you have them, or can get them!

Bestla and 75b trade for Chameleon?

Is cham still for sale?

Sold my Cham for a lot more than that.

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