WTS - Chelm's Modified Energised Explosive Membrane

(jarack) #1


Nothing on Jita - Open to offers.

Either reply here or mail me ingame.

(LordPsylex) #2

Start you off at 3.5b

(jarack) #3


(LordPsylex) #4

4b :slight_smile:

Lol nvm already have highest offer :slight_smile: 3.5 :slight_smile:

(jarack) #5

in-game bid of 4.85 currently

(LordPsylex) #6

My offer stands if they bail out :slight_smile:

(Taraas Enko) #7

Prove it pal

(jarack) #8


(jarack) #9

up up up!

(jarack) #10

still for sale!!

(LordPsylex) #11

4b :slight_smile:

(Karter River) #12

Offer 5.5B

(Memegod) #13

Iv both bought and sold a Chelm’s Modified Energised Explosive Membrane 8 months ago. I bought at 2.3bill and sold again at 2.3bill.

Is there a reason for why the price on this perticular item has gone up so much or are people just overvaluing it?

Free bump!

(Havoc Ambramotte) #14

More people have supers they wanna bling

(system) #15

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