WTS Chemosh AND Dagon BPC!

As per title

35b+ for Chemosh BPC
26b+ for Dagon BPC

Located in Jita 4-4

They can all be built on demand for an added cost of build :slight_smile:

Happy bidding :slight_smile:

Up Up and away!

To da top

If you still have the Chemosh BPC I’ll take it for 35b.

Can contract to me.


Contract up

Actually got a hull just after I posted. Sorry for any inconvenience caused mate.

40b for dag+logger bpcs

make that a 5 instead of a 4, and a 5 instead of a 0 and we got a deal :wink:

4 instead of a 0 (44 )

50 an we got a deal

my last 45b offer, valid next 24h (:

I will not accept it :man_shrugging:

well i gave up

not going to sell them for 45 when they’re worth 50+ easily

Up up and away!

up btw

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