WTS Class 2 with Static LowSec & C2 (OFF THE MARKET)

(Alexander DeKine) #1


Class 2 Wolf Rayet looking for a new owner.

Excellent for newbros looking to make big isk in J space.

3rd party POCOs (not affiliated)

Selling for 1b.

Serious Inquiries only. Please send eve mail to begin negotiations.

(Alexander DeKine) #2


System seems to be spawning 2-3 Relic or Data sites a day. Relics are dropping between 25m & 100m.

send mail if interested.

(Alexander DeKine) #3

Still here …

(Alexander DeKine) #4

it’s a beautiful day to move into an unknown system … contact me today!

(Alexander DeKine) #5

This system still available to purchase.

(Alexander DeKine) #6

System still available for purchase.

(Alexander DeKine) #7

by Bob’s good graces this system is still available.

send message if interested.

wolf-rayet system perfect for T3d operations.

(Alexander DeKine) #8

this system still available for sale. contact via eve mail.

(Alexander DeKine) #9

this system has been taken off the market.

good day o7

(Astraeus Retribution) #10

Very good service, true to his word. my friends and I are quite happy with his work I would recommend to anyone.

(system) #11

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