WTS Collectors Item! Bustard with 5 lows fitted!

(Athena Machina) #1

As mentioned, selling a bustard with 5 lows fitted. The ship cannot undock till the extra modules are removed. Available in Jita 4-4.

Starting bid - 500m

(Vale Koenig) #2

nice :wink: friendly push.

(Athena Machina) #3


(Athena Machina) #4

Still available!

(Vale Koenig) #5

i know that it isnt the start price but i will spend the ship + fit price as start.

(Sir Reginoldo Vallokius) #6

69m isk, and yes thats serious

(Nolak Ataru) #7

100m isk

(MestoNetic) #8

350m isk rdy;)

(Nolak Ataru) #9

500m isk

(system) #10

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