WTS Collector's Item - Drake with x3 Large Rigs

I am an old returning player. I am told that this is a collector’s edition, now that we have hull specific rigs and that it may garner some interest in here. So I am going to see if any interest.

It is fitted with x3 Large Core Defense Field Purger I. The ship will be delivered in hi sec system a few jumps out of jita.

Starting bid is base price of ship and rigs = 70mil

Any questions please ask.

500n m bifd

I am sorry, I cannot tell what this means.

Can I confirm that this means 500mil?

500m bid retracted because you are mindless

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Well it does say 500n m bifd

Quite literally, I have no idea if this was a meme or what. If you will forgive me being mindless. I will accept your 500mil bid.


I’d take it for 200m if previous guy is indeed out.


Bid of 200mil accepted. Will wait for 5 days before I close sale.

250m ISK

Bid of 250mil isk accepted. Thank You. (4 days until bid ends)

2 days left till I set up contract to highest bidder!

push !?

Bidding has finished.

Bid of 250mil has been accepted.

Will set up contract by end of week. (Apologies for late response, I got held up in RL)

Thanks again.

ok. i wait. ty

Contract Up!



Thanks, Contract Acceptet.

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