WTS - Completely UNTOUCHED C13 Shattered Wormhole

Shattered c13 - Completely untouched. Last killmail was over 3 weeks ago.

This wormhole appears to have C4, C5 and Null statics.

This is 1 of only 25 Frigate only, Shattered c13s, super rare.

I have an entrance via another wormhole 8 jumps from Jita right now.

Looking for offers from 550mil and up. Message me in-game , I can be online whenever suits you to transfer and give you the entrance.

When things are “completely untouched”, there is usually a reason. Like for example that you can’t put up structures and live there.

Well yes, that’s because it’s a shattered wormhole.

Structures cannot be put up.

I mean untouched in the sense that there is no presence of capsuleers (ships or mobile depots) over 50 cosmic signatures and over 30 combat sites - which are the reasons people desire access to these holes for short periods of time.

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