WTS Dagon (SOLD)

Selling a Dagon in Aunenen send me a message or post here for more offers.

50b Buyout Now or Never :slight_smile:

35b bid

just got back from a break and didn’t know these exist. 40b

Get the bids going! Waiting for the Minimum bid :wink:

Still running

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the Auction will end 24h after the Starting Bid has been reached.

45b as discussed ingame.

Still Running

Still Running Boys!

Auction will end 24h after Minimum 50b has been reached!

up to the top!

still available

price lowerd

Public contract made

I would like to have it but first will wait for FAX nerf which is camming.

No Idea when that is. Also it won’t affect Dagon since it isn’t a real fax :slight_smile:

Auction Contract Deleted- listed for 65b in Public Contracts now for the next weeks

Still Available