WTS Dark Blood Micro Capacitor Booster - The Only One In The Game

(2V Pocket Miner) #1

Never been in a km, only one transacted on market is the one I own. This item dropped from the br sotiyo. Start bid: 1b

(Nolak Ataru) #2

Proof of ownership or pound sand.

(2V Pocket Miner) #3

“new users can’t put images in posts” http://i.imgur.com/LhsiwZ6.png

(2V Pocket Miner) #4


(2V Pocket Miner) #5


(2V Pocket Miner) #6

bump! looking for a good collector to call me their own!

(2V Pocket Miner) #7


(2V Pocket Miner) #8


(hajduk21) #9

this is sale thread…there is another section for auctions

(2V Pocket Miner) #10

ah sorry, I didn’t realize, they were merged in the old forums. I will go repost there.

(Tiddle Jr) #11

still keep trying?

(2V Pocket Miner) #12

Doesn’t cost anything to bump threads

(Gerald Mardiska) #13

yo homeslice slide that thing my way. 1b.

contract sent in email.

(Lady Gwendolyn) #14

1.5b B/O please contract to this toon