WTS 'Draccous' & 'Prometheus' Fortizar Located in The Forge

(StarFleetCommander) #1

Looking to sell multiple ‘Draccous’ & ‘Prometheus’ Fortizar located in The Forge.

Hit me up with you best offers and ill contract them out :slight_smile:


(Ownsta) #2

Bump - you can also contact ‘Ownsta’ IG for sales or join the channel: V0LTA.

(KiloAlpha) #3

18 b for a drac

(D0uble Tr0uble) #4

How much for a Prometheus?

(StarFleetCommander) #5

Received a higher offer in-game :slight_smile:

(StarFleetCommander) #6

start at 21

(D0uble Tr0uble) #7

20bil for Prometheus