WTS Dreadnaught ( Moros ) pilot ( and Catalyst T2 fit capable ) - closed

(Succubus Demoness) #1

Closed: Extracted the skills instead of selling the char.

(El Cuco) #2

Im sorry you should have got a price check 10bil is to much, however ill start you off with 7 bil off

(I am Beatiful) #3

8 bil

(Succubus Demoness) #4

Thanks for the bids, but still waiting for at least a 10b one

(Succubus Demoness) #5

Still for sale, planning to close the auction in 48 hours.

(Succubus Demoness) #6

Last 24 hours

(Baskerville Conan) #7

I see a pilot whom is good at nothing at all yet. And wont be a dread pilot of any kind for months.

7.1 B b/o best i can do

(Succubus Demoness) #8

Later edit: I’ll just extract the skills then biomass the char. Good luck getting a Moros character :slight_smile:

(system) #9

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