WTS Drone Damage Officer Mods

Unit D-34343’s Modified Burst Jammer 2B
Unit P-343554’s Modified Burst Jammer 3B
Unit P-343554’s Modified Damage Control 21B
Unit F-435454’s Modified Drone Damage Amplifier 6.3B
Unit P-343554’s Modified Drone Damage Amplifier 11B
Unit W-634’s Modified Drone Damage Amplifier 20B
Unit W-634’s Modified Drone Navigation Computer 7.3B
Unit P-343554’s Modified Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer 2.1B
Unit W-634’s Modified Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer 6.4B
Unit D-34343’s Modified Omnidirectional Tracking Link 2.4B
Unit W-634’s Modified Omnidirectional Tracking Link 7.2B
Unit F-435454’s Modified Fighter Support Unit 6.3B
Unit P-343554’s Modified Sensor Booster 4.2B
Unit W-634’s Modified Sensor Booster 11.5B

The location is jita

If you want buy or anything, Please send me mail




This is the worng channel, dude. You have to go in the Sales channel.


still selling,

still selling?I WTB

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