WTS E11even - A 19 Mil SP Focused Drone Expert - Just in time for Stranger Things

To all the 80’s Geeks,

Stranger Things is almost here. So what better time than now to purchase this powerful drone-controlling girl?

She’s taken care of the drone skills - but she needs you to decide everything else.


  • Positive ISK Wallet

  • Positive Security Status

  • No Kill Rights

  • No Corp History

  • Full set of +5 implants

  • Located in Jita 4-4

Don’t be a mouth breather. Bid today!

Buyout: 15 bil


11.5 bil

12 bil

12.5 bil

13b offer

Thanks for the bids. Looking for a little more.

Still for sale

13.5 bil B/O ISK ready now, offer valid for next couple of hours

No thank you. Buyout added.


15 bill

Sold. Please send isk and account info and I will begin transfer (via 1,000 plex)

i send isk and mail acc name.

ISK and account name received. Email to CCP sent.

“Thank you for contacting CCP Games Customer Support. Your ticket (******) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.”

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