WTS Erebus BPO ME7 TE10

(Shaleen) #1

WTS Erebus BPO ME 7 TE 10

Starting bid 73B located in Jita

(Valthalus Azoun) #2

75B Thanks

(Almethea) #3

i follow : 76b

(Valthalus Azoun) #4

80B Isk

(Almethea) #5

85B isk

(Shaleen) #6

Almethea is the highest bidder at the moment . The bidding will end in 12 hours. I will send the contract with the BPO to the highest bidder . Thank you

(Shaleen) #7

I accepted early in the morning an in game offer that I couldn’t refuse . Sorry Almethea

(system) #8

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