WTS Erebus BPO Nyx BPO sold

Erebus BPO 6/4 -67bil sold
Nyx BPO 8/12 - 20 bil sold
Aeon BPO 8/10 - 20 bil sold


Aeon BPO is sold. Rest is for sale

still for sale

Nyx BPO now 8/12
1 Erebus BPO sold but have more for sale

waiting for an offers

Is erebus still 4 sale

67b erebus

Contract is up
1 more erebus bpo left

Contract was not accepted, so waiting for an offers

still for sale

how much?

Which one?

the one you are selling?

erebus bpo

67 bil

still for sale

waiting for offers

Could you please change the title, Iā€™m falling for this one every time :facepalm:

Iā€™m looking around for an Aeon BPO and am checking the prices, but yours is Sold already, but I keep opening the thread, because it is in the title

Buy erebus bpo and i will change it :slight_smile: (joke, changed it:)

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