WTS Erebus + Hel pilot

WTS erebus and hel sitter
Doomsday Op 4
https://eveskillboard.com/password/Mazikeen_Morning-Star password: babe
Good account name + 1 loss ever recorded (40m) pod

First good offer gets me
B/O 18b (16b temp)

12b offer

not sure what u have been smoking. 7b alone is in books… and its 16m sp. so try 20b

Oh yea forgot about that… that weed is to strong for my brain sry

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Bumpppidie bump bump

new topic fast sale req



16bn b/o

I accept
Please send isk and details and I will start the activation in approx 6 hours when I’m back from work

Please confirm once sent

ISK Sent. Awaiting Transfer.

Thank you. Once I get home from work I will continue and initiate the transfer.

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isk received, i will need the account details mailed to me so i can transfer

Sent ingame mail with account name.

transfer started!

Confirmed received.

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