WTS Erebus T2 Rigged Fully Fitted Passive / Active

WTS Erebus T2 Hyperspatial with T2 Trimarks in fleet bay

Full Passive and Active Tank https://evepraisal.com/a/wk2r0

Ship in Low sec Basgerin

85 Bill but open to offers

Fit is worth 23 bill all day long

Bump time


Will also be open to sell ship hull on its own and I’ll sell fittings in jita.

62 bill with current rigs fitted, or 63 bill with trimark T2 in hold ready for fitting

the fits are selling for 15 bill. i will offer 78b for whole thing. deal?

I will offer 80 Bil B/O.


I’ll buy at this price

I’ll offer 86.

Sorry Titan no longer available, decided to keep.

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