WTS Erebus

(Taraas Enko) #1

Erebus Located in the Aunenen Keepstar Travel Fit with T2 Trimarks - 66 Bil

(kostner) #2

i send email

(Dexster916) #3

I’ll take it, contract combat fit to Dexster916

(Taraas Enko) #4

Contract up

(Taraas Enko) #5

Bump Erebus still for sale will also swap for an Avatar if anyone is interested

(Taraas Enko) #6


(Selphentine) #7

63b for that bus

(Taraas Enko) #8

you can have it for 65 that’s the lowest

(Atridies) #9

I’ll take it at 65, private to me.

(Selphentine) #10

Aww, i would take it for 65 too. Is it still here? :stuck_out_tongue:

(system) #11

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