WTS Estamel's Modified Multispectrum Shield Hardener

Selling this best mod there is
It is an action.
Starting bid is 78 bil. Buyout at 110 bil
Increase bid is + 500 mil
Its on contract it in jita for the next 3 days only.
Just search for Estamel or contract issuer Asbendale Silverblade
Good luck
Here is Image link

On the top

1 Bid at 78 billion

The minimum increase isnt 500 million ISK it is +10% of the current bid. To get a 2nd bidder the minimum they can bid is 85.8b ISK and then from there someone would have to bid 94.38b so on and so forth.

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I dident know that. Thanks
Bid is now 93.6 bil.

(Anya Aylet , you where a little bit of but close)

Sold for 93.6 bil.
Gongrats to buyer

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