WTS Fiend

Selling my fiend

Location: 6 jumps from Jita in NPC station non kick out.

Price: Taking offers

mail me or post here any low ball offer will be ignored


lol 500b

I offer 300b

The last one sold in the ballpark of 385.

Prices increase fast and with little warning.

Captain Obvious strikes fast and without warning.

I never said i’m not open to negotiation just poors will be ignored :slight_smile:

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Good price, would buy if i had the schekels.

Guess i better get back to supplying goons with dem excavs they keep losing

im curious what the fit is, considering it’s apparently worth 100b

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100 bil fit is nothing

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The fit is a combination of the highest meta officer mods and very good rolls on faction/dead space mods its a tight fit as well but she is a beast. The 100b is roughly what i paid not looked what the market is like right now.

It was actually 330 bil… considering im the one who sold it

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So you had a 365b offer for your BPC and you accepted 330b? i’ve had 2 400b offers in 4 days so looks like you f**ked up.

How many have been lost since. They have a tendency to go up as more are lost. -Captain Obvious

Someone is salty that his plan to jack up the price isn’t working as well

Also Knight I remember you mailing me you weren’t gonna sell the ship for less than 1T?

What happened?

PS: Offers don’t mean much unless you finalized the contract

Me salty how can I be salty I own a fiend have you seen how good they are? I don’t need to jack up the price people know what its worth and I’m still thinking about keeping it I just want to let others have fun flying it, well others who can afford it :slight_smile:

Yeah I remember you trying to jack up the price contacting me in your alts and asking what price I’ll pay for - and you yourself telling me in your current character that you’re not gonna sell it for 1T (I have your email reply)- so that’s by definition trying to jack up the price.

who every you was speaking to was not my alt lol and I never said I didn’t say I would not sell it for 1trill because thats what I say about all my at ships, its more to stop people mailing me asking to sell when they are in use. you don’t need to buy my fiend go buy one of the others for sale… all you have done is offer me 300b and then said I’m salty? i’ve had no mail from you regarding this sale to talk about price.

It makes perfect sense you decide to sell your fiend that was in ‘use’ after my 300b offer which less than two weeks ago


Fix your English first lmfao

Edit: You approached me to reply on my WTB Fiend ad two weeks ago and asked me how much I was gonna pay for it and when I did offer you said you’re not gonna sell it for less than 1T isk.

Hahaha its hard to spin my fiend and keep up with your salty comments keep them coming :stuck_out_tongue: