WTS Fit Hel and Nidhoggur. 30b for both [SOLD]

Have a fully fit and fueled hel and nidhoggur. Moving to J space so they need to go. If interested let me know

send them to me ty

Contract up

retracted its a shitfit . 25b offer

No thank you

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To clarify, its 30b for both together, correct?

correct! 30b for everything

@Popolittz set contract to Cherise K Ambrose, shifting around some assets but should be able to get it later today or early tomorrow.

@Cherise_K_Ambrose sounds good! The contract will be from my cap alt ‘green market’

Fits not optimal, but not the reason I buy these things :slight_smile: pleasure doing business sir.

Thank you! was a pleasure

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