WTS Focused 28.8m SP Rorqual pilot

Selling myself

Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Located In Jita
+4 full set implant clone


Check for yourself on the rest!
start 27B

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Still for sale!

Up! Still for sale

21 bill

Can offer 27b as buyout.


30b offer

Accepted, send isk and account details.

@Ala_MAKOTAOk, if you can complete the transaction today, I will pay in the evening

@ianking_Ambramotte yes, I can complete it today. Let me know when you have sent the account details and isk and I will initiate the transfer.

@Ala_MAKOTA The account and ISK have been sent

@ianking_Ambramotte Please read your eve mail

@Ala_MAKOTA The account and ISK have been sent

@ianking_Ambramotte can you quickly send me again the account details after DT please via eve mail as I have accidentally deleted your email while clearing the rest of them

character transfer initiated

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