WTS Foxxy 8 MIL Pilot Foxxy Jey 7Bil


Has 1 remap available
Clear corp history
Location: high security
0.7 Security Status
No Kill Rights
No bounty

CCP Rules Apply
Thank you for looking

5.5b offered

6.0 bill

Can it fly a mackinaw?

Yes, and has Mastery lvl 1 in it.


Looking for 7Bil Buyout



Bump Ready to go with first 7Bil Offer

Hey I’ll do seven bil contact me in game and we can set up the deal.

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Just a heads up in currently at work and won’t be home for a hour so don’t think I’m ignoring you in-game.

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okay 7Bil offer accepted Please send payment and acct info to me by in game mail.

Will do been working all day expect to receive isk and account info here later this evening. Apologize for the delay.

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That’s fine I’m in no hurry, I will be on and off, try me here or in game, If I’m not on feel free to send info and 7Bil ISK payment and I will start transfer as soon as I have both.

Never received payment or acct info.

6.5b isk ready

Sorry had a hold up with my bank. . . Isk has been sent 7bill

Payment received @Keithstone_en_Chalune, account info received, transfer started.

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