WTS Geri - sold


90 bil contract to me

no, 92 xd

i’ve put it on public contracts for 94 btw

already bought few for less than 90 …so thnx

nice, that’s a lot of geris you’re planning to fly, very nice, i respect.
and then there are like 10 different people all offering 90, so why should sell it to you specifically i have no idea

I am not forcing you to sell … dont sell i dont care dude …just dont cry if someone is not giving to you your price …

I am not forcing you to buy … dont buy i dont care dude …just dont cry if someone is not giving to you your price …

xd … :joy:

Well and adult with sound mind can see who is crying here lols … gl to you mahn

Yes, can see that you are both crying. Duder wants to sell for 94, you ask for less than 90
doesnt compute. Move on :slight_smile:

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i’m actually fine with 92, just put 94 on public contracts cause it worked las time with bestla, maybe someone who doesn’t read forums will see it there and buy, but like i’m fine selling at 92, there’s a geri for 90 selling right here on the forums btw if you want one for 90

nvm, it’s already sold… to no surprise, i know like 6 people at this point who’d buy at 90, so if i get tired selling i know i can get rid of it for 90 any time

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probably the last bump

I am selling ccp corpse

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man, nice, good luck selling!


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