WTS Headhunter Skins - Avatar Nyx

(Mjinosta) #1

I have 1 of each skin left from the Headhunter Series for Avatar & Nyx.

Id like to offer them through contract to save up the market taxes in Jita - the amount of saved money will result in a 100% discount for you.

Your price: 4b avatar
Your price: 5,5b nyx

(Tiddle Jr) #2

Hel ?

(Mjinosta) #3

hel was alrdy sold sry :slight_smile:

(Mjinosta) #4

bump :heart:

(Mjinosta) #5

still have avatar and nyx
new preice
avatar 4b
nyx 5.5b

(Anashka caldari) #6

still have the nyx?

(system) #7

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