WTS Hel char + Hel

(ASIM RU) #1

Sold character + Hel with the ship. If the price suits me, I will leave the corporation to make a deal. I want to know how much you can sell a character and ship together.


(Popo big) #2

u cant sell char with ship.its RMT

(ASIM RU) #3

I understand if you delete the topic.

(Raynor Aileron) #4

You can sell the character without selling the Hel along with it.

(Shotit) #5

How much for your toon?

(CynoBiash) #6

I will take the Hel for a decent price. Please let me now what the fit is (evepraisal?)

(Kamel Fera) #7

28b my bid

(system) #8

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