WTS Hel in Bas Keepstar


^ Everything you see in that is included, plus the Hel hull. The abyssal prop is ■■■■.

Price: 18b, seems cheaper than every other public market hel.

15b offer

no thanks

Set up price contract to me. Ill take in a week?

Sure, I’ll put it up, but if someone can pay before then I will send it to them, full disclosure.

sounds fair

:+1: contract up

Bump, it’s still for sale.

bu mp.

bump. That other dude rejected his contract so open to offers.

14.5B rigged without fit

No thanks

interested in a trade for an aeon? https://evepraisal.com/a/peuby

18b with fit

Thanks I would be at another time but need isk instead of another super rn :frowning: GLWS

I’d do 20 with fit

16bill without fit

I’ll do 18 with hull and rigs

bump, still for sale. I’d do 20 for the hull + fit (note the evepraisal doesn’t include nestor)

Should’ve bought for my price instead of wasting billions on the hypernet, offer still stands :rofl: :joy: