WTS Hel pilot

(Gugl1 Molou) #1


  • HG Ascendancy set (-omega, currently has 18% warp speed implant in slot 6), and hardwirings.
  • 2 weeks left of carrier 5 at the time of this posting

Pw: 12345

Character has positive wallet, no killrights and is currently located in Aunenen keepstar. Can move to highsec prior to sale.

I currently have the Hel for sale here:

(Senfmeister) #2

Confirming I am for sale.

(KIllerJon) #3

14b to start you off

(Turbo Mode) #4

17b b/o

(Taras Berzerk) #5

18 bil

(Turbo Mode) #6

20b final off

(Gugl1 Molou) #7

Accepted Turbo Mode’s 20b offer. Send ISK and account name, and I’ll inititate transfer.

(Turbo Mode) #8

isk and accoutn info sent

(Gugl1 Molou) #9

ISK recieved and character transfer initiated.

(system) #10

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