WTS Hel Sebiestor SKIN

Hey there, want to sell my Hel Sebiestor skin.
Seems like they are at around 20b these days, I’m looking for 17b.
It’s in Jita 4-4.
Hit me up if you got any questions.

Still up!

So you’re not entirely sure?
1b, and that’s more than plenty.
hit me up ig

Still up - make your Hel look even prettier!

currently the 20b price is WAYY over they are more like 6-10b per skin so it’ll be hard to sell.

8 billion

No, thanks, that’s way too low for me. Despite the clowntrain’s claims there’s no skin under 20b I’m aware of. Last one sold for 20b. But I can do 16.5 for you if you want.

Yeah it sold for 19.9b to be exact.
I know this as I’m the one who bought it.

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