WTS imp

(O'nira) #1

its located 4j from amarr
very few killmarks
has faction fit and1 Selynne’s Modified Heat Sin

(Alpha Askiras) #2


(Kurvorao) #3

190 b

(fred Uanid) #4


(Kurvorao) #5

205 b

(fred Uanid) #6

Retracted, getting another one.

(CJ Agnon) #7

Jesus dude, I’ll do 210 if this guy doesn’t come through.

(O'nira) #8

ill probably end up selling this to highest bidder around 23 eve time today

(O'nira) #9

getting a lot of mails with bids, lets say only bids on forums count and whatever is highest bid at 23:00 eve time gets it, ill make a 1d contract to winner.

(Knight Dredd) #10

225 bid

(O'nira) #11

lol, contract up for knigth dredd.

(system) #12

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