WTS - Incursion Char

WTS Myself
All pos standing, wallet
Located in Jita in NPC corp
Free SP 285.250

I dont use this char but she’s trained for…
all with appropriate skills for incursions

No implants/jump clones
Remap availible with x2 bonus remaps

5b OBO

interested for incursions

Is “interested” an offer?

is 5 bill the asking price ?

ill pay 5

sry, out of town will respond in 6hrs

dats a long 6 hrs bro ?? lol

6 bill buy out now

Sry yeah lol. ah yeah, set isk, include account name in reason line…I’ll start transfer once received

Nothing foind with that name.

With this char name? did you try copy/paste? Check spelling/spacing etc.

Message sent from other account. Waiting for reply in game will then proceed to transfer isk

char confirmed via evemail

isk sent waiting for email confirmation of transfer

5bil recived, 1bil short of offer, account name to be transfer not recived or placed in reason line.

whoops my bad lol will fix asap

humm didnt appear with reason line was looking when i fixed you up the 1 bill

Received 5b from aerian, received 1b from Storm phoenix, still need account name to transfer char to

account name sent in game sorry for the bugger around new at this

Account name received via eve-mail, since ISK was received from two different chars and is abnormal screenshots will be kept for documentation should there be any issue. Beginning char transfer to account name provided.