WTS Injectors 825million

What I think you heard me say is I want to sell a LOT of injectors.

What I actually said was I want to sell ALL of the injectors.

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Post screenshots of how many you have, I want to feel poor :slight_smile:

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I can produce more if needed. Also lol that’s the weed number


Only 63,000 more to go. I have faith.


Can I have 50 at 825m ea?

Contract up

WTB 200 at 790mil each.

hey me too!

Sorry Dai, I can’t go any lower than 825m that’s already the best price ATM



60@825m pls

WTB 500 825mil each. contract only.

I’ll take 100 at 825

Hello, i will take 4 (because apparently I’m the only broke here… :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:)

Apologies, surprise work trip. I’ll accept mine on Wednesday. No biggie if you don’t want to wait

bump reopening this with new stock.

now asking 835 still the cheapest in game

Bump fresh stock available at 830m

hello, i will take 30 please :slight_smile: that’s my ingame name

Bump back to 825 for the last 500 units this month

WTB 100 injectors, pls check @ jita contract

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