WTS Jita Trader With Standings - 9.75 Navy 8.15 State

WTS a 5.5M SP Station Trader. Has 9.75 Caldari Navy and 8.15 Caldari State standings. All necessary trade skills 4 or 5. Character is located in high sec. No isk or assets.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Sally_Undock pass: 123





4b offer, u dont have remap… Next will be avilable for 9 months…

Not at max trading, so i’ll offer 4.1 B. Not worth more than what SP you have…

Bump. If you have a concern for remaps and skills this isn’t the character for you, friends.

8B B/O

I will accept 8b

Send isk and account name to transfer to

Done, isk and account transfer info sent.

Character is sold and transfer begun 13 Oct 2020 09:58

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