Still no chinese / english translation done, so we still searching!

toppie too

Stile for sale, updated price following nerfs comming!

Feel free to throw me offers around my asking price and see if we can make a deal :wink:

Cheapest komodo around !

Bump & price updated!

Umpti dumpti

Price updated to reflect current market

Discord error, can you update that

250b isk in hand

Thank you for the free bump
Starting bid is 350b

Get the last Komodo BPC before the patch!

Still for sale !

At this point it may just go for the starting bid if I don’t recieve any offers!

i bid 350 B

Reply on mail please :slight_smile:

Got an ingame offer of 360 this morning.

pumping up that to 370B than, but thats my final offer :wink:

Accepted and sold!

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