WTS Komodo bpc!

As per title

Komodo x1
Starting bid 400b
B/O 450b

All BPC’s will be located in Jita for your convenience
Feel free to contact me via ingame mail or here on the forums.

Happy bidding

Message sent

30 b for Loggerhead

Mail Send

Buyout of Loggerhead is accepted, awaiting buyers acceptance on the contract.

Current bid on Caiman is 36b.

Loggerhead sold at buyout

Still awaiting someone throw me a better offer for the Caiman bpc!

Chemosh Added!

Fresh out the Blood Raider Printers!

30 bil for chemosh bpc

Current offers are:

35b on Chemosh
36b on Caiman

Both Chemosh & Caiman sold to a private buyer at Buyout price.

Will update thread when I get new products!

Loggerhead added!

To da toppah

To the top, and Loggerhead updated

Up and away we go!

Updated with second Loggerhead

To the top!

Still around with both BPC’s!

Still here selling all the goodie goodies!

Moar bids plz! :smiley: