WTS large amount ICE PRODUCTS in Y0-BVN ( NC. Sov )

Heavy Water x 18,122,048

Strontium Clathrates x 934,326

in Y0-BVN station

sell price : 5 bil

(Est. price : 10 bil)

As you can guess, I have no access to the station.

I know that I won’t get them back like permanently,

but I won’t sell them at worthless price either.

So, please NO HAGGLING with those reasons.

And I’m open to (higher) bidding.


With all Outpost and conquerable station having been replaced with Faction Citadels you should have the option to put all you assets in Asset Safety, then wait 20 days and you can collect it in a Lowsec system that is near the assets origin and possibly only have 1 jump to highsec(?)

Thanks a lot

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