WTS Large Skill Injector 900mil each

Have many, let me know how many you want. Price will be 900mil each. Trade will be done via contract and items located in Jita 4-4.

I have already sent you an email within the game

b u m p i t u p

I’ll take 6.

6 contracted to you for 900mil each

Ah what the hell, If you got enough I’ll take another 78.

wtf? you haven’t even accepted the contract for the initial 6 LSI that you requested. why should i create another contract to you for 78 more LSI? get lost dude. i don’t have time to deal with people like you. will be blocked.

People don’t only exist on your timezone you are aware of that right?
I however do realize that my beginning phrase could be misunderstood as an insult by non native speakers, and that was not my intent.

if you still want to buy, accept the contract that i sent you for the initial 6 LSI. after i see that contract is done, i will create another for 78 LSI.

Deal… and done

i just contracted you another 76 LSI for 900mil each. check your contracts.

Accepted, pleasure doing business.

thank you. contact me when you need more.

Do you still have any available?

sorry, all gone for now.

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